Looking back to see what's coming

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Footprints of Worms


 (I hate writing blurbs. Here are two.)

 #1 Breakthrough technology is great, until you live long enough to become obsolete. Wilek and the other ABC captains have successfully handled this over the past century, but a resurgent Earth jealously eying the Off Worlds will soon put the hype to the test. 
Add to the mix an unasked for new crew 'mate', salty recruits and a happy bio, Captain Wilek may reach his last good nerve long before Earth.

 #2 It is a time for wonderful plans. War and disorder is in Mankind's past. The leap from Earth into Space is so successful the main tasks left to ABC Captains like Wilek of the C Boat are pirate sweeps and breaking in new crew members. With things running so smoothly, how bad can an unexpected detour to Earth be?


Has war broken out between Earth and the Colonies? The most unreliable Captain of the ABCs said so, right before disappearing into deep space. Luck has left the Z Captain as the one to handle the fallout from Wilek's misadventures on Earth.

While brother Captains react to events and try to find out what is going on, pirates and ExCom stress will put the centuries old bonds between the ABCs to the test.