Looking back to see what's coming

... listen until it is time to decide."

... listen until it is time to decide."

Tuesday, June 20, 2017




  1. Not For Long
    24 Sep, 2017
    Not For Long
    The dumb asses dove right in. Early in the novel The Exorcist, Father Merrin describes how God's command to love others is not about emotion or passion. It is impossible for normal people to have feelings for the seven billion other individuals on this planet. You are asked to act with love. Act with love without emotion? Huh? When a christian is called to love others as he loves himself, he does not stare into a mirror with his heart a flutter like Narcissus or obama. There may be some
  2. Looking back to...
    22 Sep, 2017
    Looking back to...
    ... see what's coming. Catchy, right? My grandmother used to pass along all kinds of conspiracy theories when I was younger. This was before the internet, before cable news, back when information was responsibly controlled by the New York Times and the Big Three TV networks. The idea that dark forces moved in the shadows to twist and manipulate the masses was considered a sign of paranoia. How quaint. I later found out that my grandmother was friends with Bella Dodd, and these conspiracy
  3. The Big Ugly
    13 Sep, 2017
    The Big Ugly
    The Trump boys know to clear the room when they see that face. GOPe will learn the hard way and I can hardly wait. Back in July, The Conservative Treehouse predicted that President Trump is preparing for a showdown with the Cuck-publicians in DC. While the Dems have always been open about their desire for total control and absolute power, GOPe says one thing and works towards another. I contend that while a competent enemy is dangerous, deception within your ranks is fatal to one's cause. DJT
  4. Bending the World
    05 Sep, 2017
    Bending the World
    ... to your will takes time. Fine, DJT isn't going anywhere. The Conservative Treehouse has been following the God Emperor from the beginning, its blogger's read on DJT's actions are usually spot on. Regarding Whoa Fat in North Korea, Sundance believes every action by the NK is dictated by China. China uses the NK to gain economic leverage against the US. Previous presidents never figured this out or, more likely, never had to balls to call China on their using nuclear threats for better
  5. A Cure...
    28 Aug, 2017
    A Cure...
    ... for leftist thinking?  One of my two readers, David K, sent me a link to the following article on mass hysteria. In it there is a list of what the author calls positive hallucinations; - The Russians hacked the election. - All Trump supporters are Neo-Nazis and KKK members. - Civil War statues have the power to “possess” modern-day people and turn them into racists who want to own slaves. - All White people benefit from invisible “privilege” even though nearly every preferential benefit
  6. Where were you...
    22 Aug, 2017
    Where were you...
    ... during the revolution? Our Leftist betters, the 'Reality based generation', the ones who are 'Woke', the people on the 'right side of history', have spoken. If you do not reject the ideas of our Nazi founding Fathers expect to be silenced, fired or beaten. Maybe all three.  This is what the Left has been up to of late. Use it as a guide to adjust your life accordingly. Be advised, what is evil today may not be evil tomorrow and vice versa. Marxists groups work with Dem Party Madison
  7. White Hatred
    15 Aug, 2017
    White Hatred
    By that I mean hatred of whites. The level of hate directed at any speck of pride displayed by white people is frightening. Goolag Black, Asian, Hispanic Pride and you get page after page of self esteem building rubbish. What exactly have these groups done to warrant such limitless praise? A simple question, the response would be telling. Different racial groups are different. (If everyone was the same, what would be the point of diversity?) How are they different? Skin color obviously,
  8. Look who's coming to dinner
    30 Jul, 2017
    Look who's coming to dinner
    Yup, that's a human leg. Poland has been under constant assault from the EU for not accepting thousands of Arab and Bantu refugees. During these attacks, Poland has taken in one million Ukrainian refugees. These are real refugees from a wrecked country, not lay-a-bouts looking for better hand outs. For some reason Poland is not given credit by Mutti Merkel and her EU cronies for this million being sheltered by the Polish people. It is not mentioned in the press or EU statements, not once,
  9. The War continues
    15 Jul, 2017
    The War continues
    Question is, which war you talking about? If the enemy is good at anything it is pushing their agenda on multiple fronts. Here is an excellent example. A buffoon (baboon?) named Tariq Nasheed (there's an American name for ya) is making a stink about Bill Belichick's t-shirt. The attack is anti-white, anti-west, anti-military and anti-male. Hat trick plus one. Unfortunately for our fake-American friend, I predict the company who sells the shirt, TridentK9 , does record business over the next