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Jack Sparrow's CIA

Jack Sparrow's CIA

Tuesday, April 11, 2017




  1. ... listen until it is time to decide."
    20 Jun, 2017
    ... listen until it is time to decide."
    “Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another.” - Achilles in The Iliad. One overlooked advantage the Greatest Generation had was the honesty of their foe. The Nazis put on those snappy uniforms, goose stepped into the town square and said, "This is what we believe. Try and stop us." Our enemies from the Left have been shape shifters and body snatchers. They hold true to only one thing, a desire to hold power over others. That is their
  2. Where to begin?
    13 Jun, 2017
    Where to begin?
    When an easy to see problem requires a hard solution, what do you do? Lie of course. In some ways it must be hard to be a muzlem murder. You make time during a busy day of jihading to call 911 and let everyone know that you murder in the name of your blood god, then guess what happens? Your carefully prepared sound bite is ignored. This occurs again and again to Ramadan celebrators. It is an example of blatant racism if you ask me. Some self selected whites are imposing their values upon,
  3. "Where do you see...
    07 Jun, 2017
    "Where do you see...
    yourself in ten years?"  I thought this meme would be obsolete after the election of DJT. Over optimistic to say the least. I never believed the 1.4 billion murderers in training would go away. I naively thought self preservation and common sense would begin to show its face. Make a mark in the Wrong column. Shitlib blindness and insanity could power the Sun. You think I exaggerate? - London Bridge attack do to 'unevolved males' and 'lack of traffic barriers' - Chief ABC Political Analyst
  4. America First
    05 Jun, 2017
    America First
    What part of that are you having trouble understanding? How hard is it to understand that as President, Donald Trump will put the interests of the US before that of a One World Government? The Paris 'Climate' Treaty was designed to transfer wealth from the US middle class to the 3rd World. It was designed to strangle small businesses and make it economical to transfer any remaining US manufacturing jobs to somewhere else. A worldwide carbon tax would be imposed to control human activity and
  5. Render unto Caesar
    27 May, 2017
    Render unto Caesar
    The Eurotrash planned to straighten Trump out. It did not go as planned. If watching DJT shows you anything it is this, either give the man respect or he will take it. Learning from the mistakes of others does not seem to be a Euro virtue, so here we go. First up was Red Francis. He was going to talk some sense into the Donald about global warming  cooling  change. The parting picture tells how that went, I see one defeated marxist and a smiling steamroller. Bonus points for his wife and
  6. Religion of Pieces
    24 May, 2017
    Religion of Pieces
    In the eyes of our governments, Islamic terrorism isn’t a problem, wanting to stop it is. We’re basically ruled by serial killers. - VDare A few more stolen from this post at the Chateau: 1917: I’ll see you in church this weekend friend 2017: I’ll see you at the Islamic terror bombing vigil this weekend friend and, I guess I never really grasped the goal of Europe before. Why did Charlemagne convert the Saxons? Why did Palmerston preserve Belgium? The answer to these and all questions:
  7. The Emperor has arrived
    22 May, 2017
    The Emperor has arrived
    When the most powerful man in the World stops by for a visit, act accordingly. The Saudis know how to put on a show. It helps if the guest of honor does not insist on bowing like a dog. Skip the example this sorry excuse of a president set: Act like a Boss: The President is taking advantage of Iran putting the Saudi's back against the wall. His host, in turn, is making the most of the visit to show its enemies that the Strong Horse is on their side. Turkey and Iran are stuck outside
  8. What to do? What to do?
    18 May, 2017
    What to do? What to do?
    The coup attempt continues. By who?  The Deepstate. Why?  Your stubborn independence. They win now, they win forever. One guy is still fighting. The Rats scatter, others rally. What to do? Bring the guilty to justice of course.
  9. He's got this
    14 May, 2017
    He's got this
    SCoaMF obama once asked about Trump, "What magic wand do you have?" There is an easy answer you dope. I'll add a picture to help. Each of the states are matched to countries with comparable economic output. Many states achieve this GDP with one half or a third of the workforce used by the named country. Trump's magic wand is the US being the world's largest single market. Companies want access to the US market. By negotiating trade deals one on one, versus giving away our leverage in